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Continuous Line Art is a digital media platform based in the UK focused entirely on art created with a single unbroken continuous line. This site is a subsidiary of CANVAS BOUTIQUE (previously known as Contemporary Pop Art active between 2004-2006) having sold over 50 paintings, residing in private collections throughout the world. Specialising in animation, art installations, canvas art, graphic design, javascript, 3D modelling, vector graphics and web design.

This design project was created on 10th May 2017 in conjunction with the General Availability launch of dotART domain names to demonstrate the possibilities of a $15 standard registration.

Continuous Line adopt a minimalist approach to logo and shape design using an unbroken line style, emphasizing only the strongest elements of the image. Pen tools used include "bullet-point" for single width drawings and "chisel" for two different widths. Production is an iterative process of several design stages that results in a compelling, simple yet complex beautiful continuous line drawing.
Headline news
Friday, 12th May 2017.
Continuous Line was tweeted by the .ART Registry.
dotART @Art_Domains May 12
CONTINUOUSLINE.ART beautiful technique when single, unbroken line is used to develop the image! Show yours!#DOTARTME @Canvas_Boutique
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In 1988, Continuous Line's first commercial graphic appeared in the official computer game license of The Empire Strikes Back, where the 3D Asteroid model (a rhombicubocutahedron) is actually a Continuous Line!